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From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 7This story contains gay teens in sexual situations, if you're not old
enough to be here than leave.This story is naked nymphets and lolitas
fictional, and it is a coincidence if you see yourself or
anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 7By Jamie WadeI heard Rachel moving around in her room, probably startled when she heard
me knock."Just a second, I'll be done soon." Then she opened the door to find me
standing there, a little nervous at that. "Oh, hey Josh, what's up, you
want something?""Um...yeah, can I come in?""Sure." Then I walked in, and shut the door behind me, noticing Tara
creeping her way to the door, probably going to listen to our conversation
from outside. "So, what do you want?""Well, um, there's something that I need to tell you, and it isn't easy to
say." I was kind of scared now, shaking a little, but I had to get it out."Are you ok Josh, you don't look so hot, maybe you should sit down.""No, I'm fine." I took a deep breath, preparing myself for probably the
most intense conversation I have ever had. "Now what I'm about to tell you,
you must promise that you won't like freak out, or get upset, or go crazy
of any kind, ok?""Ok, this really isn't sounding too good right now though.""Ok, you know that guy Aaron, the one I sang with at the beach party the
end of summer?""Yeah, he live here now, doesn't he?""Yeah, well, we've been hanging out a lot lately, and we've both enjoyed
the company.""Ok.""Well, we've done more than enjoy each other's company, we've loved it,
because, well, we like each other. And I'm talking about more than just
friendship love.""So, are you saying that you're like gay or something, the both of you?""Well, yeah, and I really like him a lot, and he feels the same way for
me.""Well, don't be mad or anything, but I kind of already knew.""WHAT!""Yeah, it was kind of obvious. I mean you have never brought a girl home,
or had an actual girlfriend at all. And this one time I kind of caught you
looking at gay porn online.""You did? Well, I guess I should be more careful then.""Yeah, but I already knew.""Oh, well that's kind of relieving. Oh, and also I need to tell you that I
already told Tara, hey Tara, it's ok to come in." Then I saw Tara open up
the door, and walk in, a little hesitant. "It's ok Tara, she knows
already.""Hey Rachel.""Wait, you're telling me she already knew before me?""Well, yeah, for like a year or so.""Oh, so that is why you guys would always have those secret
conversations. Wait, does Kylie know?""Yeah, she knows.""Oh." Then I saw a look of sadness come over her face."You ok?""Um...not really. I mean you told like everyone before you told me. What,
am I like not good enough to know your secret?""No, Rachel, that's not it. I was just scared that you wouldn't accept me;
I didn't know how you felt about the whole gay thing. And I was just
waiting for the right moment to tell you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you
sooner, can you forgive me?""Sigh...I guess.""Cool." Then I punched her on the arm. This is cool; my sister is totally
ok with her big brother being gay."So what were you telling me about Aaron?""" I guess I have no other choice than to tell her
everything, it's not like she won't care. "Well, me and Aaron are kind of a
couple, I guess.""Really? That's totally cool.""Yeah, I know, but there is something else I need to tell you." Then I told
her everything that Percy and Brittany had put me and Aaron through with
the singing thing, and then blackmailing me. Then about me breaking up with
Aaron, and then our little reunion. And how we were going to out ourselves
to the whole school."Oh wow, man I really hate that bitch lolita naked 12 yo
Brittany and Percy. So, how lolita model free gallery do you
plan on outing yourselves to the school?""Um..." I really hadn't thought about it, to tell you the truth, I don't
really know how to do it. Should Aaron and me just walk into school, hand
in hand, or just start making out in the middle of the halls (I'm sure that
will go over well). Aaron and me hadn't really discussed this at all. "I'm
not sure.""Well, I have an idea." Rachel and me had been talking for a while; we had
totally forgotten that Tara was in the room. When she said that, we both
just stared at her in awe. "Listen, naked nymphets and lolitas I know this is going to sound crazy,
but I think it just might work." Then Tara explained her plan to us, how we
should out ourselves to the school, and Rachel and me were just blow away
as to how brilliant this plan was, it was perfect. We all agreed on this
little plan, and then we informed Neil, Aaron, and Kylie on it, and they
all agreed it was good.The next morning at school, I was totally nervous. Aaron and me were
actually going to out ourselves to the entire student body. See today we
have an assembly about some school violence thing, and everybody was going
to be in the auditorium. They were going to show a video, so Neil was going
to be up in the video place, and on our cue, he would switch the video to
Aaron and me. Aaron and me would be in a classroom, and Tara, Kylie, and
Rachel would be filming us. Aaron and me would appear on the screen in the
auditorium, and there we would confess our love for each other. We would
finally be out, and there is nothing that Percy or Brittany can do about
it.I was waiting anxiously for Aaron to arrive, it seemed he was running
late. I saw all the kids walking into the auditorium, man they have no idea
what they're in store for. Then I saw Percy and Brittany walk into the
auditorium, and they both looked at me with their evil smiles. Then Aaron
walked in, and I gave him a big hug, and Brittany and Percy had a shocked
look on their face, and they walked on."Man, where have you been?""Sorry babe, had to get the camera. So, are you ready for this?""Not really, but whatever. I think that's just the nerves talking."Aaron and me walked into the classroom, and Aaron took my hands in
his. "Josh, babe, we are going to be fine. I know that this is kind of
scary, but we don't have any other choice. As long as we are together in
this, there is nothing elwebbs biz lolita bbs we can't face, ok?""Yeah, ok. I love you.""I love you too." Then we leaned into each other, and had the third most
amazing kiss in our relationship. Our lips touched, and I wafted in his
sent. He smelled so good, and then I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. I
mimicked his movements, meeting my tongue with his. Our tongues danced
together, intertwined into eternity. We were kissing for like 10 minutes,
and then we started hearing laughing. We both broke the kiss, and saw Tara,
Kylie, and Rachel standing at the door, looking at us."Well, it's about time you guys. We've been standing here for like five
minutes.""Yeah, man, you guys sure know how to kiss.""You know, that's kind of disgusting, that's my brother for god's lolita naked 12 yo
sake. I
really don't need to see my brother making out with his boyfriend.""Um...sorry guys." Both me and Aaron started turning beet red, I can't
believe we didn't here them come in. Oh well, the kiss was amazing though.", you guys ready.""Yeah, if you guys are done kissing.""Ok, come on, do we have to keep going back to that, that's my brother.""Ok, lets get ready."We had given Neil a walkie-talkie, so he can tell us when to go. The
students had been in the auditorium for like thirty minutes now; I hope
this is going to go well. I was so nervous, my hands were even
shaking. Aaron took my hands, and squeezed tight, letting me know he was
just as nervous. Then we heard the walkie-talkie make a noise, and I nearly
jumped across the room. We heard Neil's voice come on."Ok, are you guys ready?""Yeah Neil, go ahead." Then Tara turned on the camera, and Aaron and me got
situated. Then we saw Tara counting down ukrainian angels loli forum for us, man, this was going to be
probably the most hardest thing I had to do, ok, just
breathe. Three...two...oneTo be continued...Well, there you go, another chapter completed. Sorry it took so long to get
this one out, school has been keeping me busy, so look for the chapters to
be pretty spread out. I'll try to get them out as soon as they're
completed. And I also enjoy feed back at, thanks.
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